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The Sun Sets On New York
Leo cartoon
I'm sitting here, at Puck Fair, with the love of my life, the Kimster. Despite her superhero name the Kimster does not wear spandex. Some find this to be a sad thing but, as I always say, function over form!

Puck Fair is a bar designed to look like an olde Irish tavern. It's situated by the Puck Building which once held the likes of such exercises in sadomasochistic machine-melding as the Beyond HOPE hacker conference but it is now property of some large university. Columbia or New York University. Which one I do not quite remember and am unwilling to check.

We are seated on the second floor by the window. Outside is a cobble-stone paved street and green scaffolding held up by the blue stalk pipes of month old construction preparation.

We are finishing our drinks and getting our spirits up. The night is young and we are younger. I am starting to see why New York was once called New Amsterdam. Sometimes it feels like the only truly European city in America. Sometimes it feels like home. Right now it's just another town left to be explored.

Over and out.


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If you two are going to persist in being so cute, you're both going to have to be fitted with appropriate warning labels.

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