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Leo cartoon
Heh, sometimes it feels like I need to raise myself up by the bootstraps and kick myself into gear.

This is one of those times.

The more I go with the flow the more I realize how dependent I become on the flow. Those who go with the flow dare to get drowned in it. Those who learn how to swim stay afloat.

This is all possibly vague and whatevers. It is vague, isn't it?

Basically I feel a bit like I'm depressed but in a way it's a good depression. It's kicking my ass into feeling like nothing's being done which is kicking my ass into getting things done. High weirdness.

I guess I can sit here and needlessly feel sorry for myself or I can figure out what I want out of life and figure out how to get it with the least hassle and trouble for everybody.

I gotta ninja it old school.

Maybe I'll make a more interesting and intriguing post later. But for now: Seersuckers!


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