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I think I'm back
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Unhappy with Facebook, disappointed with the asinine identity politics of Google Plus, and limited by the 140 character limit of Twitter I've decided to start coming back here again.

Hello, did you notice that I was gone?

To be honest I'm not too happy with Livejournal either. I'm not sure what troubles me more: is it the ads or the fact that they've sold my email address to spammers? I know it was them (though they might have been hacked) because a.) the spam emails were mostly in Russian, and b.) the spam emails were addressed to my LJ-only email address.

Still, it doesn't matter too much. I can write and and LJ has a reasonable system for comments which is more than I can say for Tumblr.

I should read more these days. I start to feel limited by my vocabulary. I used to skip over words that I didn't recognize and understand them through context. Now I want to use those same words. I keep saying "I". It's weird. Maybe I should say "Yo".

Anyways, my lunch break is almost over. I'm going to sign out.

Peace out, homeys. Ciao!

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Wait, this is new. I can only go back 50 entries on my Friends list here? What's going on?

That shouldn't be happening. Is your theme borked maybe?

Hmm, I'll try to change it.

Let's do the time warp again!

Changed it. Now I see 10 friend posts per page. Changed it back to 25 and I still can't get past 3 screens of posts.

Changed theme again. It defaulted back to 10 friend posts per page. This time I didn't change it and kept going back. Nope, still stops after 70+ posts.

I'm glad to know that someone else dislikes twitter's character limit

I came here for two reasons. To wish you and your brother a belated happy birthday and to ask you if you've discovered g+ yet. I'm all into g+ now. But alas, you no likey. Oh well.

I like the thing you wrote in the next entry.

I heard about a guy that put out a book that's called 140. Or 540. Or whatever the character limit was over at facebook for a while there. He used the confines of the character limit to compose tiny pieces. That sounded interesting. And right after he published his book facebook went and upped the limit. Bastards.

G+ has no character limits, nudge, nudge. And there are a massive amount of techie people there. And writers. And photographers. And what do you mean by asinine identity politics? The fact that they'll ban your ass for not using your real name? I think that's changed. I have a friend on there that doesn't use her real name. And they have pages now like facebook does. And other stuff's been changing. I think they're really trying to make everybody as happy as anyone can.

Actually i'm on G+ but I haven't been on there for a while. What really turned me off from it was the lack of a chronological order of posts. It would show me posts that I commented on above and in between new posts so would keep seeing the same old posts again and again and again.

And they still kick people off for not using their real names...except it's an automated bot that does it which means that there are a lot of false positives. It has calmed down though.

Oh one more thing I just thought of. Are you going to I am. If you're going let me know. I'll be there with my camera taking pictures of all the silliness.

Nah, I missed it this year. Maybe next time?

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